Monday, May 19, 2014

Fairy garden......or not........

I love the little fairy gardens folks are putting together so decided I needed to give it a try.....minus any fairies. I toyed with doing a beach themed garden but as I looked around the house I found a few items that would make a great bird themed garden like the little pottery birdhouse I've had for years sitting in the flower beds out front on a bamboo pole which has finally disintegrated - it's the teal with red roof birdhouse on the left. And then the little plant poke brown birdhouse on the right and a fun Francisan plate - only one I've got picked up for 50 cents. The only thing I bought was the little birdbath sitting in front of the plate. If I run across the perfect little bird I'll buy it to add to the garden. This past weekend I picked up some stones and pebbles off the beach to make walkways. Today after my tooth sharpening (dental visit for cleaning) I rewarded myself for making it through that appointment by buying some plants. I decided to put in a few herbs so as I trim them for the garden we'll also get to eat them - chives, rosemary and Italian parsley. There's some lobelia for color and a cute little ground cover in the foreground. It makes me smile......


  1. Well, I'm SURE some lucky fairy will call that lovely spot home soon enough.
    I have a pot very similar and have been thinking about doing the same thing, but great idea adding the herbs.

  2. Your little garden turned out really cute! That's a great idea to use herbs! Enjoy!

  3. I like the little stone path. Maybe all the fairies are inside the turquoise house and only come out at night.

  4. I love the faerie garden! I can see a little frog moving in there and setting up house too.

    Great idea....

    1. And we have little green tree frogs - there's always one who decides to come up the deck steps to live for the summer sleeping under the pillow on the swing and living in the planters.


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