Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Echo Weave book

This is what arrived in my mailbox today - Weaving with Echo and Iris. I've been waiting for Marian Stubenitsky's book to come out in the English translation. I've been fascinated with what echo weave I've seen but there is so little out there written about it........until now. Hoping to sit down with it soon and go through it page by page - I've only flipped through it so far and it's a beautifully published book - well worth the money. If you're interested here's the link to Marian's site.  I was so glad it fit through the slot in our locking steel mailbox otherwise I would have had to go to town tomorrow to pick it up at the main post office.


  1. Curious to hear your thoughts on this book.

  2. The price was in pounds - how much is it in dollars and what about shipping? Or were you able to get it here in the States?

    1. It was pretty spendy at $70 and some change, that included shipping.......but once I saw the book I could see why it was so expensive - it's beautifully published.


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