Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Re-entry is always tough........

Re-entry into the world here in the valley from the world on the coast is always tough. I won't go into the mundane details but it's a killer sometimes.....but we had a nice 5 days on the coast even with the torrential rains for 2 of those days. Bailey didn't have such a good time - the front steps 'bit' him - we're still not sure what happened but we think he dove off those 2 steps to rush over to the fence to see the neighbor dog and had a tumble. He's been pretty hurty but today is starting to feel a bit better, he either wrenched his back, pulled a muscle or sprained something.......and I have to say he's quite the weinie when he's hurting.

I brought my little cardweaving loom along and did get one warp on it and woven off on Monday. I chose a very simple pattern as I wanted the change in color to be the highlight rather than the patterning - I used 6 colors plus black. This is destined to become a strap for my camera which only has a wrist strap on it.

What I love about this pattern is that it looks like knit stitches - not sure if it's that noticeable in the photos or not - it's created by alternating Z twist and S twist threaded cards.

Shells from the first day's walk on the beach. This was a good haul of snail/hermit crab shells. We ran into Loren, my favorite old beach guy, he gave me some yellow agates and tidbits of info on all sorts of things beach related - I really enjoy him. We were to stop by his house at some point to see all his 'stuff' but after Bailey fell we decided we'd do it next time.


  1. I have wanted to weave for many years but I need a small loom (any recommendations?). I've not looked online for one but I may do that. I'd like something just big enough to make scarves and placemats or table runners. Just so I can spruce up my house and myself. haha I was in a rehab center 32 years ago after a long hospital stay. As part of my occupational therapy, I used a huge (really huge) loom and made a small table scarf. I had to use the colors already on the loom and I wasn't pleased with that but I so enjoyed the actual making of the scarf. I still have it and although it matches nothing in my house, I still use it. :-)

    I'm sorry that Bailey is hurt. I hope he heals quickly. Maybe Bailey needs a chiropractor. Hopefully, he'll mend soon.

    Wishing you a wonderful day.

    1. There are a number of nice small looms - the Schacht Baby Wolf or Wolf Pup, Harrisville makes a small loom, Norwood has a small loom as does Macomber, I saw a Gilmore, Gem I think it was called, that was really nice and small. I'm sure there are some others I'm not thinking of right now that have a small footprint and can also fold up even smaller when not in use.

      You can find great used looms out there - over 28 years of weaving my only new loom is the AVL. My big Macomber is somewhere around 60 years old - I love it and will keep it forever. As long as the wood isn't warped a used loom can last for years.


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