Sunday, January 26, 2014

Having fun embroidering

Had fun embroidering this weekend. I had sold out of many embroidered towels in my etsy shop so yesterday afternoon I got to work.  I still have some other sheep and spinning wheels towels to embroider - those are on linen/cotton towels, hopefully sometime this week. Today a friend came over and we embroidered 2 t-shirts for her, she got a lesson on the machine, I think I've enabled her to buy one too.

I love this sheep with heart towel - great for Valentine's Day - love the soft flour sack towels too.....

......and here's a sheep with a star......

....and I couldn't resist this heartwood embroidery pattern, this is new to my shop........

.....and these oh so cute chickens, sold out of them recently.
Hubby Sam 'may' have figured out a way around the Internet Explorer 11/blogger issue - he uninstalled IE11 on the netbook and I was able to load pictures just fine for this post - next he'll do it on the desktop and hopefully that will work like it used to a few weeks ago too.  When blogger supports IE 11 (which they aren't doing yet) then we'll update. In case anyone else is having this problem (lots of folks on the blogger community forum are) I will update once IE11 is uninstalled on the desktop and I do a post to see if it's working again.

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