Tuesday, May 28, 2013

WeGO Traveling Exhibit 2013 - Threads to New Worlds....A Collection of Fiber Arts

I promised I'd post pictures of the WeGO (Weaving Guilds of Oregon) traveling exhibit after friend Kathy and I sat it a couple weeks ago - finally I've got the pictures off the camera...such as they are....lighting wasn't good and I was trying to take them quickly in-between visitors. I took pictures in order of the brochure so I could match them up to post them here. If I know the weaver I'll say a few words about her/him. Nancy Hoskins was the juror of this show - she had a couple of small pieces of boundweave in it as juror but I forgot to take pictures of them. ( I didn't like the way the scarves were displayed - in Portland and North Bend they tied/looped them around the frames - I thought they looked much better than just hanging in these pictures)

This is a tencel & bamboo network drafted scarf woven by Sally Glynn of Crescent City, CA - she's a member of the Webfoot Weavers and Humbug Mountain Guild both on the SW Oregon coast. (I know Sally, she's an elegant woman who weaves beautifully)
Space-dyed Silk Scarf by Dorothy Golik of Salem, OR

This is one of my scarves - I've posted it on my blog in the past in a photo that better shows the variations of color in the handspun merino/tencel warp, it has a commercial bamboo weft and there is a beaded embellishment in-between the fringe bundles. This scarf sold before the show even opened
Here is my other scarf in the show - my ginkgo scarf in 8/2 tencel - it won the Complex Weavers Award. This scarf sold when the exhibit was on display up in Portland but all sold items stay with the exhibit through the first quarter of 2014.

Hand-dyed Tencel Block Twill Scarf by Cindy Pentony who is a member of the Salem Fibrearts Guild

The scarf was woven by Nadine Purcell who is a fellow guild member and friend of mine. This scarf is an 8 shaft point twill of space dyed tencel warp and a 30/2 silk weft. I really wish I took close-ups of all this work. Nadine is an incredibly generous fiber artist with her time and expertise.

Shades of Gray - a double weave pick-up scarf by Tom Seymour, it says in the brochure that he is a new weaver - he won the Best New Weaver Award for this piece

This scarf won the Best use of Color & Design for Donna Stor who is a member of the Salem Fibrearts Guild - it is hand-dyed silk woven in twill variations

Ladella Williams is a member of the Portland Handweavers Guild - this is a kumihimo spiral neckpiece - she used space-dyed fibers, rayon and rat-tail cord

Ladella also created this Kumihimo neckpiece using space-dyed fibers and sparkle yarn

Petroglifos de Codornices is the name of this rug woven by Linda David of Sisters, OR - I love this rug!  Linda is a very talented weaver, wonderful workshop teacher.

Kathy Fennell wove this piece and the one below. Kathy is one of my fellow guild members belonging to the Saturday Handweavers Guild in Medford, OR - she used photo collages of her previous weavings, cut them into strips and then rewove them - very fun pieces.

Kathy won the Juror's Choice Award for this one

Rag Rug by Beth Glascock of the Salem Fibrearts Guild. This rug is woven in Ripsmatta (Rep Weave) - she used hand-dyed weft from flannel sheets - she is a new weaver having woven for just 1 1/2 years

Rag Rug by Dorothy Golik

Krokbradg Rug by Mark Marker of the Columbia Fibres Guild - linen warp, wood weft

This is a pillow made from handspun yarn embellished with a piece of hand-made bobbin lace. Shirley McFarland of my weaving guild created this piece - the photo just does not do this lace justice - very intricate

Shaft switching, weft face rug with a cotton wrap and wool weft by Cindy Pentony

Tapestry wall hanging by Linda Rees of the Eugene Weavers Guild using wool, synthetics and cassette tape

Emma Lou Scherf wove this waste paper basket with bouquet from actual 'waste' paper - she's a member of the Eugene Weavers Guild. This is fun

Tom Seymour also wove this piece -it's a double weave table runner in a geometric design that color coordinates with a scarf he wove that I can't seem to find the picture of - argh.

Penny Unverzgat wove this framed cotton and rag wool rug, she's a member of the Salem Fibrearts Guild

Petroglifos de Ovejas is another rug by Linda Davis in Taquete. This rug won Best of Show Award and once seeing it in person I could understand why

A traditional overshot table runner by Marlene Lloyd of the Salem Fibrearts Guild - she also had some coordinating placemats woven in ripsmatta (rep weave) - can't seem to find this photo either

Anne Abendroth - King's Coat: Henry VIII. Cotton, rayon, silk, beads and buttons, kimono style wall piece. Anne is a member of the Portland Handweavers Guild

My friend JoAnn Sutter wove the fabric for this vest and then constructed it. It is tencel and space-dyed cotton in honeycomb weave and huck weave variations. JoAnn is a member of the Webfoot Weavers Guild. She won an award for her vest but it's not listed in the brochure - I think it was for Technical Excellence, I think

Carol Wylie of Klamath Falls woven tencel fabric to construct her long vest. Carol a real sweetheart. (I have to say Kathy and I love it so much we thoroughly examined her vest to see how she constructed it)


  1. I dabble in bobbin lace. That lace on the pillow is beyond incredible!! The amount of time it took her to make it, the nice crisp look of it....all great!!
    Carol from Tuesday Weavers

  2. What a lovely show!! Thanks so much for taking the time to share it with us.


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