Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I had the embroidery machine running today while taking photographs of handwoven towels and scarves for my etsy shops. I need to stay close by since it's an inexpensive machine and I have to be there to change thread colors unlike commercial machines where there are many needles threaded with all the different thread colors.

I love this new to me steampunk spinning wheel embroidery design. I only stitched two of them in case no one else is as enamored as I am with this funky wheel.

This is a nice soft cotton flour sack towel with red twill stripes - I thought the primitive country sheep with heart embroidery suited it well. I like this towel as it has a handy twill tape to hang it with.

And more of the white sheep on oatmeal linen towels - a variation of ones done in the past - they're very popular.

These towels are up for sale now in my etsy shop. I also got the last of the Deep Blue Sea Waves scarves up in the shop for sale. And tomorrow handwoven towels will go up after friend Yvonne picks out the ones she wants to buy.

I am longing for a day of frittering but it doesn't seem to happen - too much to do - and I've still got pounds and pounds of roving that arrived last week waiting to be weighed, bagged, labeled and relisted in the shop.....not to mention weighing out roving for future dye days. No rest for the wicked.........

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