Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Very sad state of affairs.

This past weekend was Fiber Mania in my own home town. Here are a few glimpses of my booth, such as it is, looking at those tall cement walls is really pretty depressing but I'm not sure what could be done about them, the building is what it is. I did just ok in sales, not as much traffic as last year....the parking lot was jam packed Saturday but there were two other events going on at the fairgrounds at the same time. The very sad thing is that I had two scarves and two of my felting landscape kits stolen, I noticed it fairly early Saturday morning. I'm a small business as all the other fiber vendors there, I can't absorb losses like this, $192. I'm even wondering if it happened before we opened, people walked in and out of the building all day Friday and early Saturday morning. There are two folks I'm suspicious of but can't say anything since I don't know for sure.....if I were Patrick Jayne, The Mentalist I could trick them into confessing!  So life goes on, I learn with every experience on the direction I want to go in for the future.......
This picture was taken by my friend Yvonne who spent all day Sunday with me in my booth
These next 3 pictures were taken by friend Karen of Liongate Farm whose booth was next door. Some things were rearranged in the booth once the thefts were noticed to get the scarves away from the front of my booth.


  1. Cindie, your booth looks wonderful lots of things to browse and choose from. The little embroidered towels look very cute (you now how much I love the sheepie towels)! I am indeed sorry to hear that things were stolen from your booth - bad karma will follow whoever they are!

  2. How heartbreaking! Both Bruce and I send you a cyber hug!
    He understands what it feels like as he had a table at a model railway show and was selling new and used equipment. It was a busy affair and when he had time to take a breath, he noticed that two of his locomotives were gone... and they were worth $300.00 It's like a punch to the gut as well as the pocket book.

    He and I looked at the pictures of your booth and we could see where the scarves and kits were placed. Perhaps next time you could sit and write up sales near the exit for your space? Bruce is having two friends with him help work the table next time. They plan to always have two on duty and one person to spell someone off.
    Some of his more valuable items are very small (decoders) and are worth $50 each. They are going either under plexiglass or behind him on a wall ....or a display model and the rest in a box under his feet!

    So sorry that this happened...

    1. I was trying to think of where I could sit at the entrance to my booth but then I was worried about my cash box and ipad for the square for credit cards - if I do this again I'll have to figure something out. Poor Bruce, that was a huge loss!

  3. That is very sad indeed. I like to think the best of people. Especially when it comes to fiber lovers. But, I guess it's just another group of people and there are bad ones in every bunch. I imagine that took some fun out of the weekend to have it start out like that. We can only hope they'll feel bad for what they did and learn from it. I hope you had some fun otherwise. Your booth looks great and fun to shop in.

  4. Your booth looks great, and I'm so sorry for the losses. You have to wonder about someone who feels so entitled that they can just help themselves. I remember being asked at one of my first shows if I would take a check, and I looked at the woman and said "if you'd bounce a check for fiber, you need it more than I do!" It's hard when you're working a booth alone to keep an eye on everything at once. Hopefully it's a one time loss and all the shows you do in the future will be problem free.

  5. A pock on those thieves! That's terrible Cindie. I'm so sorry.

  6. I'm so sorry to hear about the thieft of your scarves and felting kits. You would think the building you were in would have had security. I love your display and the lovely towels.

  7. Wow, you have so much cool stuff in your booth. It must take forever to set up and tear down. I hope you got help from Sam! Sorry about the loss -- I guess it's kind of a compliment, they liked your stuff so much, they couldn't resist.

  8. A beautiful booth, Cindie. How I would have loved to have been there. It saddens me to think of your losses to theft. Its just not right.

  9. I was at Fibermania and I remember your booth. It was lovely! Unfortunately my money maxed out before I could buy all that I wanted. I was very impressed with your selection.

    I can't fathom what makes people think they are entitled to something that's not theirs! I bet if someone stole from them, they'd flip their lid. As others said, hopefully their karma will bite them in the tush and perhaps karma will send something lovely your way.

  10. I cannot fathom how someone thinks it acceptable to take anything that belongs to someone else! I'm so sorry Fibermania didn't turn out very well for you. I was there and I saw your booth. It was quite lovely! Your selection was excellent and your prices were great.

    I was on a mission for a certain type of fiber and color, and once I bought it, I had no money left to buy from you as I'd wished to. However I just stumbled across your yarn on Etsy and followed the links to your blog. Your work is so beautiful. I'm in the very early stages of learning to spin. Seeing that there's someone close by geographically that sells fiber and occasionally teaches is exciting for me.


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