Friday, November 30, 2012

A Yummy to Share

A yummy gift idea to share, I'd share them with you all if you were here but since you're not we'll eat them all ourselves. These homemade gourmet marshmallows arrived in the mail yesterday from Sandra & Monte in Montana (aunt & uncle). A friend of theirs up north on the Oregon coast makes them. Oh My Goodness is the name of the company and one bite of these had me saying "oh my goodness". There were 4 boxes in different flavors; chai tea, valrhona chocolate, bubble gum and vanilla bean plus there was a baggie of peppermint swirl in the box (not pictured). I ate one of the chai tea before taking this picture......then quickly popped the other one in my mouth......yummy. So, if you're looking for a nice little gift check out the website and place an order, better order for yourself too while you're at won't regret it. On the schedule for tonight, hot cocoa with a vanilla bean marshmallow on top. Oh, and Sandra & Monte own a graphic design company called Saga Designs and did the packaging design for these.
Bailey wanted his picture taken too but wouldn't stand still - this was the best one out of five tries.


  1. I'm really excited about this oh my marshmallow business! I tried to make marshmallows at home once and wound up with one batch that resembled pink pearl erasers, and another that became only a sickly sweet puddle of goo.
    I think if i try them again I might get somewhere this time.

  2. Oh my GOODNESS is right. I might just have to invite myself for hot chocolate, but I bet by the time I get there they will all be gone! ;)
    Off to follow the link to marshmallow heaven....

  3. Marshmallows now that does sound devine, I will have to go and look at their site. Bailey has the best soulful eyes, what a beautiful dog.


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