Friday, October 12, 2012

Art Along the Rogue

Last weekend was Art Along the Rogue, an annual event here in Grants Pass filled with chalk drawing on the streets, music and a few other activities. I chose a few pictures my brother took to share with you all.
The Angry Birds chalk art was amazing. It is huge. Remember this is all drawn on Hannah's restaurant wall, the sidewalk and across the entire road in front of it. It looks 3D but it's not, none of it. I keep wondering how easy it will be to get that chalk off the building, that's two stories tall.
There were invited chalk artists and then many local artists whose squares were sponsored by local businesses and organizations. Anyone could buy a square, several sizes were available all the way down to small ones for kids to purchase for drawing in.

These are just a few of the drawings we saw being drawn

They're pretty amazing

Very fun weekend for my brother to be visiting

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