Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A bit gruesome.....

A few days ago I saw a news blip on my home page about a farmer eaten by his hogs, yes this is a bit gruesome. Then I read it was in Oregon, then I heard it was in Coos County - our county along the coast where our beach cottage is. I started thinking about a farm I love to see when traveling on Rt. 42 over to Bandon, there are ducks, geese, chickens, horses, jacob sheep, goats and yes hogs and they're huge hogs, many times I see hoglets (or more commonly known as piglets) following the momma hogs through the mud holes. I was wondering if it were these 700 pound hogs that ate their 70 year old owner but it's a big county, they couldn't be the same ones I so enjoy seeing. Well, I found out today yes, they are the same hogs I love to see that munched down on the owner with only his dentures to be found. So my idea of stopping to visit the snorting funny hogs has gone out the window, they're pretty sinister. I commented a few weeks ago on how many large hogs there were and was wondering their fate....maybe they were thinking the same thing and decided to take care of that farmer before he could take care of them.

On a lighter note - today was one of the best two days of the month, our spinning get together. It was a smaller group than normal today but oh so fun, as usual. I think I did more visiting than spinning today....actually I know I did......


  1. About the pigs -- BIG yikes!!!!!

    Boom ♥

  2. I've known that about pigs and that's why my parents didn't raise them. When only think we domesticate animals.


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