Sunday, July 8, 2012

back to the heat......

Unfortunately our 9 days on the coast has to come to an end....within the hour we'll be leaving the breezy beautiful 60 degree weather to drive just over the mountains to our valley where the temp should be right around 100....amazing what a difference a handful of miles makes.

No more pictures to share, got lazy with the camera after the first part of the week. We enjoyed the small town July 4th parade and then fireworks over the water right down the hill from the house. I painted 5 pieces of furniture, 4 of them in a soft light seaglass green color...2 spindle headboards, a quilt rack and a sweet little book table with carved flowers in the ends. The 5th piece, a magazine table, was painted a dusty light teal. We walked miles and miles this week and I'm feeling it since so much of it includes hills, most of it from the house but we ventured to the South Slough one day to hike....we knew it was trouble when all we kept doing was heading downhill....which meant the trip back to the car was all uphill. I finished another long inkle warp, read a book, caught up on magazines. All in all it was a much needed break for both of us, Bailey will be taking his break tomorrow when he'll spend the entire day recovering from his time in Bandon-by-the-Sea. Tomorrow it's back to work, I've got orders to mail, need to start thinking about dyeing and get back to the looms.

Check out this post from my cousin Claudia's blog, 2 places I need to visit next time I'm in Eugene, not to mention the Saturday market.

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  1. You are productive even on vacation! Thanks for the plug for my blog -- you've sent me lots of people.


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