Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's dye season.........finally......

It's finally dye season......thought spring would never arrive. Today's dyeing is merino/tencel all in my harvest colorway - have several folks that requested it quite a while back, rest will be for sale in my etsy shop once dry and weighed, this colorway sells out no matter what the fiber. Weird dye issue today - see on the left the color is lighter (much like it looks on falkland wool), then to the right it's darker like it usually looks on merino/tencel. Same merino/tencel, same vinegar soaking solution, same dye stock, same time in the steamer, all dyed today - so what gives??? Oh well, I love them both.

Decided to only dye 10 pounds today, good decision, I usually fight through 15-20 pounds which is a back breaker. New dyeing rule - never more than 10 pounds. Thursday will be another dye day - merino/bamboo, only 6 pounds of that set aside for dyeing and a pound of firestar blending nylon - that's some fun blingy stuff to dye.

Another lesson learned today - put sunblock on before the sun starts burning my skin (slow learner on that one), also learned that weighing out merino/bamboo with sunblock on is a mistake, flyaway fiber stuck to me. Used a new sunblock today, Trader Joe's spray on, liked it, easy to use, although has a weird smell so would only use it when working outside and then going in to shower.


  1. Boy, does that sound like me and my soap. It's not fun when it's so heavy. Those are wonderful colors - no wonder they're popular!


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