Thursday, June 16, 2011

Another colorful day....

Another beautiful day here in Southern Oregon, low 70's, sunshine and a lovely breeze. Good day to be dyeing........6 pounds of merino/bamboo and a pound of firestar sparkley blending nylon I dyed in 7 different colors. And it felt so cool out there having had many inches cut off my hair yesterday. I have this love/hate relationship with my hair - basically I love it but then I love it so much I let it grow too long, than I hate it, it's heavy, takes forever to dry and had started giving me headaches when I pulled it up. Oh, but it's so pretty, long wavy auburn hair (with a few grays)......but much easier to care for shorter. Off to the salon yesterday to get many inches cut off.......most of you would still think it was long but it's not, it's really a nice length now, collar bone length as the cute, little, young, very tan, perky, bleached blonde hairdresser called it. Note to myself - don't let it grow really long again (I say this all the time but this time I mean it).


  1. Oh look at all that pretty fiber! You certainly got a lot done. The weather has been amazing, or maybe it's like always, we just waited so long for it!

  2. Love all the colors, you have a great eye for dye! Oh that rhymes!

  3. Wonderful colors and you're right - it's perfect weather. I hear you on the hair. I had mine in a braid for 25 years and now I have appointment every six weeks for Gary to make it all better - chin length. The goal is wash-and-wear hair - wash it, put the headband on, walk out the door.


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