Thursday, March 24, 2011

Finished needlefelted postcard

Remember the needlefelted postcard I made at a guild meeting last month? Well, I finally figured out how to frame it. Of course I couldn't find the perfect frame so I bought a plain white one, painted it and then stenciled on it using Shiva Paintstiks - I love the way it turned out. Then I needed a way to sign the piece, keep in mind the felting is postcard size. So, I pulled out some black wool felt that I could stitch my name and the year on using my trusty Bernina. After much test stitching where I had to relearn how to imput the text.......correctly! I was ready to stitch on the black wool felt. After that I stitched my piece onto the wool felt using clear sewing thread. I'm happy with how it turned out.
My friend Pat who was one of the program leaders for this project last month gave me a piece she had felted that was also an ocean theme. I finished hers the same way, it turned out great. I can't wait to get over to the beach house to hang both of these on the wall........hmm, where will I put them......
This is not weaving related but it's food related and that's always important. A few years ago I submitted a recipe to Taste of Home Healthy Cooking for a soup recipe contest. I got a letter saying my soup was in the running but then I didn't make the cut to the semi-finals. Too bad since it involved cash prizes! But then last year they published it in the magazine........all I got out of that was an extra issue of the magazine. But in yesterday's mail this beautiful cookbook arrived. At first I was dubious thinking they sent me a cookbook on speculation that they expected me to pay for. But no, there was a letter with it telling me it was a thank you gift and that my soup recipe is on page 53. So if you ever see the cookbook look up my Pasta Fagioli recipe. I made it up several years ago after analyzing the Pasta Fagioli at Olive Garden - I think mine is much better!


  1. I love the way you framed the postcards! The ripple pattern on the frame makes me think of tidepools.

    What fun to get that cookbook for free ... especially with YOUR recipe in it! Now what you need to do is leave it "casually" opened to that page as a premanent kitchen decoration ... hmmm ... you might need TWO copies, one for your beach house, and another for you "regular" house.


  2. Denise O'RourkeMarch 25, 2011 at 3:41 PM

    I will now have to go out and buy this cookbook!! Cindie you're famous!!

  3. I think your felting is wonderful. I'm giving a program next month at the library which I told them to call Sheep to Shawl. When someone handed me the flier last month I see that I'm talking about felting and raising llamas. I don't do either. So what are you doing on April 17th??

  4. well, I only do a bit of felting and don't know a thing about raising llamas....not sure how much help I'd be unless no one else knows anything about raising llamas and I could act well enough to fake it! I hope you blog about what you end up doing with that program!

  5. Your undersea needle felted postcard is beautiful, and I love looking at your handwoven bags!


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