Friday, September 10, 2010

One of many dye days to come..........

This is one of many dye days to come - I'm feeling pushed to get 80 pounds of roving dyed before it gets too cool and rainy out. I work under cover but when I'm rinsing rovings I'm out in the open.........not to mention that if there's no sunshine it could take a week for roving to dry as opposed to drying by the end of the dye day, the last to come out of the steamer dry by morning. I thought it was going to be an easy dye day - just two special orders of roving and a small partial box of silk hankies (for spinning).......I underestimated those hankies, I guess it does take more than an hour or two to dye 100 hankies! Today is another dye day - it's only 41 and foggy out right now so I'll probably wait to start after 9am. I'll be dyeing Polwarth today and probably for another 2 days next week.....decided I need to split it into 3 dye days instead of 2, standing on that concrete for hours is a killer, need to make shorter than 8 hour days of it.

Frightening news this morning when I turned on the news - gas explosion in San Bruno, CA - fire is so scary. And this on top of the horrible fast moving wild fire in Colorado. My heart goes out to all involved, my wishes for all firefighters to be safe..........

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