Monday, September 6, 2010

Back from the cottage by the Sea......

We took off for the coast again Friday afternoon and returned this evening (Monday). We spent a relaxing, sunny, blue sky (no smoke!) weekend at the beach cottage. No work on the house this time - all play. It's amazing how once over there we totally forget about everything that needs to be done here at home.

Below is a picture of one of the two hydrangeas in the corner of the yard....the only good things in the yard - it's a mass of dandelions, or many dying dandelions since I sprayed them, looks pretty bad but revamping the yard will have to wait until next spring....too many other things to be done this year....and it will be a slow drawn-out process.
These are some variety of lilies found in different spots around the edge of the fence. Hopefully I'll be able to salvage them in the spring because they definitely need dividing as you can see from the mass of bulbs in the second picture - they're all above ground! I can't believe that's how they should be growing. I'm thinking they really need to be planted in the ground. If anyone knows better please let me know before spring.
And this is my favorite treasure of the weekend. An antique bird's eye maple table to put on my side of the bed at the cottage. We had already picked up a similar table in oak for Sam's side. Isn't this beautiful! We also scored a little painted table (sage green & white) for next to the couch and 2 old knick-knack shelves that I'll be painting white to hang in each bathroom. It's very fun to scour antique shops and garage sales for great finds for the cottage. Many pieces will eventually be painted and distressed for more of a vintage cottage feeling but certainly not this table - it's way too beautiful to paint!
On the fire front - we were glad to leave all the smoke behind on Friday - we came back to the news that the fire is now 95% contained and firefighter's from outside the region will start pulling out tomorrow leaving just the local ODF fire folks here to keep working the fire and making sure it doesn't escape containment lines. I sure will be glad when the fall rains start and fire season is over. They've all done a great job!

And on the fiber front I need to spend time dyeing but not tomorrow - it's spinning day tomorrow! 


  1. What a beautiful table! Just perfect for by the bed, lots of book storage on the lower shelf too! ;-)
    Glad you had a great time. It was a nice weekend here too.

  2. Those lilies are a Japanese amaryllis called "Naked Ladies". They would prefer to be dug up and divided a month after they flower, but before the leaves appear in spring. In my experience, they like to be crowded like that and don't like to be buried very deep.

    Did you smell them? They smell great!

  3. Thank you so much! The yard won't get much attention until next year but I will try to dig them up over the winter and divide them, knowing where to plant them may be the issue since they may be moved again. No, I didn't smell them - will have to do that before they're gone.


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