Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The morning got worse..........

Just as I hit the 'publish post' button for my post early this morning the power went out - yikes! Sam left 10 minutes earlier for work after finally showering once he thawed out the pipe down at the pump house. So, I called asking what to do as far as pipes go - took his advice and called our wonderful neighbor, Merle, to come over and help with getting the pump house roof off and he wrapped up the pipes for me - more permanent fix to come when Sam gets home this evening. So, back to no power - was without power for 8 hours - just came back on. We don't have a wood stove for heat but a wood stove fireplace insert with blowers that, of course, don't work without power. A few years ago I did buy a screen to use it as a regular fireplace. I did manage to get the glass door off but then decided to wait on lighting a fire. Glass door is back on now and a fire is going to get the house warmed up (heat pump running too) I fared well in the freezing cold but everything I wanted to do required power! So, I sat near a window for light and knit - picture of the Christmas hat to come.

Now off to shower.........finally now that I've got water and it's hot again...........


  1. Urgh!! I hate power outages. We had a bad one a few winters ago when Jim was away for a month in Cambodia. Our house got down to 35 in most rooms - below freezing in one room. Luckily our pipes froze, but didn't crack. And I learned much more about how to drain pipes than I ever want to know.

    Glad you could sit and knit some! I did that a lot during that outage too. In fact, I finished one of my favorite scarves then.

    Glad your power is back on and that you have neighbors who know how to help!!


  2. Arrgh! That's terrible Cindy. We have a generator but half the time it doesn't work. When it does, life is golden. Big enough to run everything but the hot water heater. Glad that at least the pipes were saved and that the power came back on before the night time temps dipped, again.

  3. Being without power is my biggest fear - so much so that I went out last year and bought a generator (haven't even started it yet!). We have a wood pellet stove that makes all the difference but without electricity it's just a black box...so the generator is just to keep the stove going if necessary and keep the frost outside! We went to NZ for Christmas a while back and came back to a completely frozen house - we pulled the ice out of the toilet, funny shape I've gotta say! It was a very difficult time as the pipes burst and water ran everywhere....not a thing I'd like to repeat! I'd love to see a photo of the knitting....


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