Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Knit Christmas Hat

Here is the picture of the Christmas hat I knit yesterday while without power. It was a free pattern with purchase of yarn - unfortunately not very accurate but it turned out ok. Instructions said to add bells to the end, I thought better of that and made a pom-pom..........haven't made one of those is probably 40 years, kind of fun.

Everything else I'm working on right now is for gifts so no pictures.

All good on the home front - in spite of being 10 degrees when I got up there were no frozen pipes after Sam's fix and power stayed on today.......well, kind of, lots of power blips that were just enough to screw with the computer, satellite and my sewing machine which is computerized and would go back to the default straight stitch each time there was a blip - right in the middle of me sewing!

I enjoyed reading everyone's comments, water/power horror stories, we were definitely lucky.


  1. I'm impressed that you got that hat done so quickly!!!

    Glad your power is staying on!!!


  2. That is wonderful hat. I would have loved it with bells too. :-) What was the yarn?

  3. The yarn is called Raggi "Christmas Print". I bought it at Middleford but have noticed it's also in the Patternworks catalog.


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