Monday, November 9, 2009

Perfect day for weaving....rain...........

This is what went on the loom today - a warp I painted (dyed) in Henry's Attic Sarafina. The first scarf on the warp I'm using a forest green 8/2 tencel for the weft. I finished this one but am undecided what weft I'll use for the second warp so I called it a day at the loom. I wish I could tell you what the weave structure is but I forgot - bad me. I know I found it in one of my pattern books, it's a very simple 4H weave but I forgot to write it down when I planned this warp a couple weeks ago. Eventually I'll have to go back and find it so I know what it is but that's not happening today.


  1. Such nice color, it shows off the weave structure. Doesn't it feel good to finish a project? Love that feeling!

  2. Beautiful scarf! I love the painted warp, it really does show hand weaving at it's very best. I don't know what Sarafina yarn consists of, but I do know Tencel well and know that you will have wonderful lustre and softness....Can't wait to see the next one!

  3. Sarafina is 70% cotton, 30% rayon - it's a bit nubby which creates little areas of shiny areas.


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