Saturday, November 28, 2009

Latest projects

Here are the towels that just came off the loom that I finished hemming yesterday, a total of 13 towels off that warp using a 6/2 cotton.
These are the mug rugs (coasters) that have been on the other loom forever - finally decided they've got to be woven off so got that started the other day, will hopefully get back to it within the next few days.
And here's an example of the felted soaps I've been working on. The soap lathers up through the wool felt and acts as a washcloth. They continue to felt for a bit, after the soap is used up a slit can be cut in the felt and it can be stuffed with lavendar or such to make a sachet.
So, this is just a bit of what I've been up to. Need to put the fiber on hold for a couple days so I can get gifts wrapped that need to be shipped back east.


  1. The felted soaps are very cool. They'd make great gifts!!

    I love the color combos you used in the towels. I need to make more towels stat!!

    For what it's worth, I really like the design of your mug rugs - even though I know it's hard when you're looking at a seemingly endless warp. Not only will you free up your loom when you finish them up - you'll also free up some of your own energy.


  2. YOU over achiever! Everyone of those items looks great. The soaps are beautiful. I commend you for getting back to the mug rugs. It was one of our class t learning projects not so long ago and I just couldn't muster interest in it. in fact I still have mine here, it's sort of a mug runner...LOL, when one spot gets kind of grubby, I just move the cup up to another spot. Hmmm maybe a mug drop cloth is needed.
    Anyway, very very nice stuff. It will fly from the booth!

  3. oh my gosh - looked at my project sheet to see how long a warp I put on for those mug rugs - enough to make 40 of them! I think I'll get way bored before I weave 40.....but will try not to leave the rest of the warp sitting idle for another couple years since I need to get what's woven off by Tuesday at the latest.


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