Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Roving..............Value of Money, not related

This is the merino roving I dyed on Monday - the light dusty peach and yellow are the only braids of those colors, they were from playing with leftover dyes. The others are repeatable colorways - 4 pounds dyed Monday of each color. These will be going up in the etsy shop for sale shortly.

On another note - how do you teach a dog the value of money??? Today we bought a cute little stuffed pig dog toy, it lastest maybe an hour.......triage at the ER for dog toys loaded it right on the stretcher and pulled the sheet over it's head, no amount of stitching will revive it. So, why do some toys die a painful death a short time after being adopted and others last years??? The lambie has been around for as long as we've had Bailey now, he was pretty yucky and went through the washer & dryer recently and is back to looking somewhat decent. And then there's the tiny little lamb Bailey's foster mom gave him - no legs anymore but he's still around too. Bailey is a little depressed this evening after losing his new friend the pig..........maybe next time he'll be a little gentler so he can play with the new toy a bit longer before ripping it's guts out!


  1. Sorry, Cindie, I don't have an answer on the toys. In this house, if it's soft it's doomed anyway, add the 5k bill to open Jack up after eating a soft part of a toy whole that got stuck in his intestines and I can say without a doubt, a soft toy of any kind will never cross my threshold again. Nylabones, and a very few others are approved for terrier use. I have a couple that can rip those kong toys in a matter of hours. I am always surprised by how gentle my parents Goldens are with their toys. Of course the real fur catnip mice for the kitties are fair game....;-)

  2. Our other dogs would occasionally kill, degut and turn inside out dog toys but not as much as Bailey. The other dogs loved kongs - not for filling with treats but for throwing because they bounced all over the yard and they sniffed every spot they hit on the journey. Bailey is not allowed to have a kong - totally rips it apart. Never will figure pooches out.........

  3. Cindie, think about it..Bailey knows the value of the lambies. he watches you with the fiber. now the pig on the other hand, that was just dinner! My Bailey is the same way, some "dollies" last for years, others don't even make it 24 hours. The non stuffed toys are of no interest to her and she defuzzes tennis balls. That scares me with the intestines, so they ar enot allowed in the house. Maybe you should just stick to sheep!

  4. Good point Debbie - Bailey knows that lambs & sheep are good, pigs are questionable! Our first few months with him he got into too many things that didn't belong to him and I was always putting pieces back together to make sure there was nothing I had to worry about getting stuck in the intestines - lots of scares.


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