Monday, September 21, 2009

Dye Day Results

Here are some results from yesterday's dye day. Above is some Falkland roving. I decided to play with semi-solid dyeing yesterday - I really love the way the two left rovings turned out - the top makes me think of buttercream. The bottom left was supposed to be a different color (I've dyed it before) but who knows what happened in the steamer - it came out very different but I love it.
Here are some of the devore silk scarves I dyed. Another whoops in dyeing process here. I usually dye them using fiber reactive dyes - much more vibrant results. This time I was thinking silk so used the acid dyes but I forgot that these are silk and rayon. So, the dye did not take on the rayon. Not the effect I was looking for but beautiful just the same. I also dyed two shawls and some 100% silk scarves.

These are two sock blocks I dyed using up leftover dyes in the squirt bottles. I'm going to start a pair of socks using the autumn color one very soon - will be very fun to see how the socks knit up.

I did finish up a chenille scarf warp today, need to get them cut off the loom and washed, will post a picture once that's done.
Temps are very high here today and will continue for most of the week. Two very scary fires burning, one in Ashland, the other in Medford. I checked on some Ashland friends and they're doing fine but am concerned about a fellow weaver who lives in the area of the Medford fire. Smoke from those fires is in the air over here already. The rains can't come too soon for me this year.

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