Saturday, April 18, 2009

An older scarf

My friend Libby who owns several of my handwoven scarves sent me this picture to show how one of them looks with an outfit of hers. It's beautiful with that turtleneck and jacket. It's been a while since I wove that scarf but I'm thinking it's tencel. I did hand-dye the warp. It's woven in a 8H turned twill block design. I had forgotten how much I liked it - will have to weave some in that same weave structure in the near future. Thanks Libby for sending me the picture.

Today was a very fun day of knitting and eating with friends at our local get together, Sock It To Me, hosted by friend Karen at Applegate Country Fibers. I should have been home working on surface design samples but this was way more fun!


  1. Hi Cindi!

    Love the scarf! In the photo, it really looks three dimensional. Libby has good taste!

  2. Thanks Kris! I've got around 10 painted warps (for 2-3 scarves each) sitting in the studio - I think I need to repeat that 2 block twill for one of them.


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