Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Old Shale Shawl started

So, this is what I've accomplished today - so little but I had a good time.....I spent more time talking with friends than working on this shawl. It's the Old Shale Shawl pattern by Evelyn Clark. This pattern is lovely, my friend Cathy has knit a number of them. It starts at the center back at the neck and builds out from there. There are lace holes down the center back of the shawl and along the front edges - after 92 rows of this I will start the old shale lace border for 48 rows followed by a bind off in crochet for a pretty lacey edge. Good thing Cathy was patient with me telling me helpful hints while getting started on this because I sure wasn't focusing today.......must be from too much sugar.....strawberry cupcakes! Anyhow, I'm knitting this out of some of my handspun wensleydale.


  1. Oh, really pretty Cindie! Hurry up and knit so we can all see it done!

  2. What Theresa said - hurry up and get it knit! ;-) Looking forward to seeing how it looks all finished.

  3. yes, yes, haven't been back to it since the posting - will work on it some this evening, knitting happens in my spare time while watching tv at night.


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