Saturday, December 20, 2008

Banana Silk

Oh my, this banana silk yarn is an experience. I'm finally starting to work on a guild program for March that will be on some of the newer fibers out there to use.......some I've used for years but other weavers in my guild haven't so those will be covered too. The banana silk yarn is new to me, it's similar to recycled sari silk yarn only not as nice. I wove two skinny scarves out of it using 10/2 perle cotton for the warp, the banana silk would not be suitable for warp even with big eyed heddles. The scarves are still drying so I'm not sure what the end result will be, hoping for soft. This yarn is very weak, nubby, overtwisted and sheds while weaving...........and it took forever to get the fugitive dye out of it in the washing process. Oh, and it had sharp little prickers and sticks spun in - hopefully I got most of those out. Not something I'll buy again but it was good to try it for the program.