Monday, September 8, 2008

Subject: weaving again

Ok, so here's what's on my loom today - huck towels. This is a popular weave structure that I love weaving but like to vary it each time (so I don't get bored). This time I used 4 colors in the warp - forest green, clay, gold and tan and threaded them in a Fibonacci striping sequence (8-13-21). There's loads of info online on Fibonacci if anyone is interested in reading about this Italian mathematician and his theory. I really like the look, the colors make me think of the redwoods. The first 2 towels I used the clay cotton for the weft, the second 2 I'm using the forest green. Have enough on the loom for 13 towels so I've just started......will continue to change the weft colors so they're all different but coordinating.