Sunday, May 12, 2019

How does your garden grow.........

 My garden is doing great - we've been eating lettuce out of it for a few weeks now, I think I can pick kale and swiss chard this week - everything else is growing gangbusters but not ready to pick other than a few strawberries here and there.

 I think this is a lilac, does anyone know for sure?  it doesn't look like the lilacs I'm used to but does look like a variety of them. There were two scrawny bushes that I didn't want to get rid of last fall since the birds liked to sit in them while resting from feeding at the birdfeeders.  I'm so glad we didn't pull them up - two lilacs...or something similar to a lilac.

And does anyone know, is this a honeysuckle?  The flower looks like one but the honeysuckles I grew up with back east didn't have a cluster of flowers like this, they were just individual flowers on the vines. This was also a scrawny looking bush on the side yard, I cut it back this spring and it's doing incredible now, nice and full and loaded with flowers.

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers out there whether it's to two legged or four legged critters.

Update - friends Teresa & Jon from the coast said that is a lilac and a lonicera honeysuckle - I'll be marking them with metal tags....many thanks


  1. Your garden is, indeed, lovely. It's too early to put things like tomatoes in the ground here in Rochester, this weekend, I hope, I can get them in. Got my peas, lettuce, and kale in later than I should have, so no harvest yet. Lilacs are blooming here, as are lovely things like the Eastern Redbud (Cercis canadensis), late tulips and late daffodils. I love seeing pix from people's gardens!

    1. Peg, I'm originally from the DC/MD area and it would be too early there for planting an entire garden too. We have been known to have a late frost but now that we're in town it's less likely than when we lived 15 miles NW of the city. On the coast it's even milder and things like fuschias grow all year long into big bushes.


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