Monday, July 2, 2018


Yes, I've been MIA for a bit - moving this time (buying, packing, moving, unpacking, selling) is horrible. I don't ever remember it being like this past moves. Anyhow 2 weeks ago it took the movers 2 days to get us moved. I'm still not unpacked, nowhere near unpacked but I just can't worry about it at the moment - I'm not running a race. In past moves within a week, 2 at the most, I was totally unpacked, house set up......not happening this time. 

We finally listed our other house, not much activity in a hot market, so I'm thinking it's listed too I said all along when our realtor gave us a price range to consider. We decided to give it some time - thinking time is up this week.........

Last Wednesday the AC went out in the new house and for some reason this house holds the heat. It's been unbearable inside the house, even with fans - it's been lovely outside in the not as much unpacking getting done around here. Luckily our realtor got us a home warranty so it will be fixed but the soonest an HVAC company could come out is this Wednesday afternoon. I'm sure that will be to diagnose the issue, then we'll wait for the fix. At least we don't have humidity here on top of the heat..........

Since there's no unpacking happening in the loom or sewing/craft rooms right now I'll leave you with a few pix of the yard. For a small city lot we've got lots of fruit. I didn't take pictures of the 2 plum trees - not many plums on them and they're grossly in need of a manicure - so overgrown and thick. That will happen at the proper time and I will be getting guidance on how to trim fruit trees at that time.

One of the two apple trees.......

....a close up of the apples, we have no clue what type of apples on each tree......

.....blackberries coming over the fence from the cow pasture - they're along the entire back of the yard - I can see blackberry jam production here in August......... of two grape varieties.......we understand there are white grapes and red grapes - right now they're all green..........

.....and finally, my favorite color of rose, yellow - there are many rose bushes along the fence although not many roses at the moment since they were loaded with spent flowers when we moved in, I've trimmed them back and there are new buds coming out now.


  1. So nice to have "free" fruit. I've been able to pick more than 25# of cherries from nearby homeowners who were happy to give me permission.

    Never had AC in the sticks, but am SO GLAD to have it in the city. Although even in the sticks, you can't count on it cooling down at night the last few years...not like it did for many decades at least. Climate change. :-(

    Don't push yourself on the unpacking. It will happen in its own time.

  2. Congrats on finishing the move! It is so much work, that is why I will never ever move again...if I can help it. I love your white picket fence -- your new house must have a different vibe from your old one.


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