Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Love/Hate relationship.........

I'm having a love/hate relationship with technology right now. My little inexpensive Brother sewing/embroidery machine that I bought only for embroidery is not wanting to do any embroidery, correctly, at the moment. I had taken it to a get together where others were using it (as a regular sewing machine) and lo and behold when Sam was working on it he found a pin (not one of mine) down near the bobbin case and a needle had broken off after it went through the bobbin case - argh.  He's worked on it and it's better but still not good enough. I haven't figured out what to do yet as the repair may cost as much as a new machine...........will be thinking on this for a while.  All I'm thinking is thank goodness I didn't bring my expensive Bernina for others to use............
Then my AVL was acting up.......but I did get the last scarf woven on the Iranian Tilework warp. They are soaking as I type. And my desktop keeps getting stuck in Explorer and I'm having to do hard shutdowns - it must have been last week's update, usually they come in on Tuesdays so hoping there's a patch for the issue. I'm thinking after 3 days of dealing with issues with computerized machines tomorrow I'm going to do something that's more 'old fashioned', no technology required.


  1. Yikes!!! May the technology goddess start smiling on you. Soon.

  2. Technology is supposed to make our lives easier - bah! Sure hope all the bugs going on in the various items that I driving you crazy are resolved soon. I agree, the old ways are much easier on our BP.

  3. So frustrating when electronic stuff acts up! My laptop had been acting up for a while and finally bit the Dust last week. I think the hard drive is toast. I'm using an old spare but it refuses to stay connected to the internet. It might be time for a new one but I sure hate to spend the money. I wish they could last longer. I need to have my sewing machine worked on too. These electronic things are needy aren't they?! Lol Your weaving is always beautiful and looks so complicated.


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