Tuesday, June 28, 2016

I love my new shawl.........

 I love my new shawl woven from some of my handspun alpaca and silk, the weft was commercial  merino/tencel.  I've been wanting/needing a black shawl..........I was thinking solid black but I'm so glad I decided to use this handspun with all the silk colors in it. I can wear this with practically anything.  Now all I need is for fall and winter to come along as it's hot, hot, hot outside. I'd be quite ok skipping summer which would mean also skipping fire season..........

I put on a handspun warp for 2 scarves and wove the first one. Before weaving the second one I want to see how it feels after washing since I used some handspun weft. If I like it I'll use the same weft for the second scarf, if not I'll find something else. No waste of warp cutting of as the warp I tie back on will become the fringe of the next scarf. Those stripes in the warp aren't from separate skeins, that all one length of handspun blending from one color to the next.

Next up is another warp of handspun for scarves. I'm trying to pull together some items made of my handspun to use in our county fair display this summer. These won't be entered into the fair for judging, just part of our display that we sit in front of and demonstrate spinning during the fair.

So, interesting thing happened yesterday with my new laptop with Windows 10 on it - I lost all my favorites. It may have been a Microsoft update, or it may have been Norton which was running but somehow my favorites disappeared - ack!  Luckily it's not my main computer so it only had around 15 favorites on it for sites I visit regularly while away from home. I've had the laptop for a few months and there had been no issue until yesterday. Has anyone else had this happen?  Was there a way to retrieve your favorites?  And for the record I do not care for Windows 10 - Windows 7 has been great (we know Windows 8 was a bust for MS). Why mess with a good thing? I sure wouldn't have bought a new laptop just because of this new operating system except that my netbook bit the dust..........

PS - is anyone else watching Outlander? The season will be ending all too soon on July 9th.  I heard that Starz has picked up season 3 & 4 with 3 in the works already. I binge watched the first season on DVD when a friend loaned it to me this past winter - I 'had' to sign up for Starz so I could watch the second season as I couldn't possibly wait until it comes out on DVD. 


  1. are you sure that it's not your browser? I used Mozilla for years then in the past couple weeks it kept hanging, then would freeze and flash a message about a plug in that I couldn't fix. Also lost favorites and bookmarks.

    I've switched to Opera on both computers that are running Windows 10 and haven't had a problem since.

    1. Honestly I don't know. I'm using Edge which comes with Windows 10, I think that's what it's called - it's the new Internet Explorer. It had been fine, not sure what happened yesterday.

  2. PS. I love your new shawl too.

  3. I love your new shawl and the scarf in progress!

  4. Awesome shawl Cindie. You'll look divine in it. Wear it one of these meet-ups so I can steal it. :-)

  5. That shawl is STUNNING! The randomness of the colors, offset by the black, is just wonderful. And there's probably some sheen in person from the silk, just to add to the beauty.


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