Friday, May 27, 2016

A bit of stitchin'

 I had originally planned to wind another warp today and start weaving but the embroidery machine was calling me......actually the many tee's I bought weeks ago were calling me. Penney's has a nice weight of t-shirt for embroidery (St. John's Bay) at a really nice price, especially when on sale.  The black tee got a silver lotus, another type of lotus on the coral tee - it looks orange but it's really a lovely shade of coral, a fun mermaid, another lotus (a favorite on a 3/4 sleeve tee I have) and a mendhi medallion. I messed up on the yellow on that one, should have been more toned down. The funny thing is that I agonized over the yellows and then ended up picking the one that was too bright.......oh well, I'll still wear it. Now I feel better, those short sleeve t-shirts won't be hanging there come fall when I'll want 3/4 sleeve.

After the tee's I started stitching some towels. I have some very cottagey flowers in vintage canning jar patterns. I have 8 patterns but have picked out 4 to stitch right now - 2 of each design. Four stitched, four to go and then photos and listing in the etsy shop. 

It looks like parts of the country are getting some terrible weather for the holiday weekend.  It's lovely here, sunny, clear and very spring like temps..........although I hear the 90's are back next week. This 3 day weekend is Boatnik with hydroplane boat races on the Rogue River. We're around a mile from the river and we'll be able to hear the boats from the house. This is one of those weekends we steer clear of the crowds in town and hunker down at home - too bad I didn't think of doing some grocery shopping ahead of time.........


  1. Sweet tees Cindie! I'm feeling ready for summer too with lots of linen and light cotton tops. I never realized you were so close to the river!

    1. Yes, if you kept going past our house you'd run right into the river where Robertson Bridge crosses it. The hydroplane boats used to make the turn around for the races at the bridge but this year the Sunday races they'll be going way past the bridge into the wild & scenic section of the river before turning around.

  2. I love the mermaid. It would be cool to see your machine in action! Can you imagine doing these by hand???

  3. Love the lotus flowers on the t shirts! My favorite is the coral version, very pretty! Namaste


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