Thursday, October 22, 2015

A new eye.......

Tuesday morning I got my new eye (cataract surgery). No real hiccups like last time with my blood pressure going wack-a-do. All went as it should have a month ago. When we left the house Tuesday morning my BP was 115/79 - walked in the surgery center door, got hooked up to the monitor and it was 170/100 - yikes. I told them it proved that they're the problem. But it came back down fairly fast after being covered with a warm blanket, lights turned down and spa music playing - there was a lot of down time before my surgery filled with prep and then waiting for the surgery room to open up which was perfect for centering myself and relaxing. By surgery time it was back down in the normal range. I was under such light anesthesia that I knew what was happening part of the time....but I didn't care. The fascinating part were the 'northern lights' I was seeing - it was the operating room lights above me and my guess is the prisms created by taking out the old lens, putting in the new. I vaguely remember asking about them. The nurses and technicians, not to mention my gorgeous blue eyed doctor at The Medical Eye Center were incredible, so caring, so kind. I went back yesterday morning for a check and healing is right on track.

So now is the hard part. Due to the type of replacement lens I chose in order to get a bigger range of vision correction and to correct my astigmatism I am limited in close up work to 30 minutes, 4 times a day for 7 days. Close up work is anything that I need to bend my arms to see - no weaving, no sewing, no knitting, no reading, no spinning, no doing anything I normally do. ARGH!!!  It's going to be a very boring week - I'll be a basket case by next Tuesday. I was told I could catch up on tv and movie watching - ok, I can never sit and just watch tv or a movie - I have to be doing something with my hands while doing's going to be a long 7 days. With that said I'm off to do laundry, a mundane chore I can accomplish...........


  1. I'm glad that things went smoothly this time! I'm sure that the week will go by faster than you think :)
    We went to see "Bridge of Spies" yesterday--and I would definitely recommend it.

  2. Happy for you that all went well. Can you read books on the puter?

  3. Congrats on the new lens and better vision to come (soon). Maybe now is time to lay back and listen to your favourite music?
    I did the entire The Wall by Pink Floyd the other day...... amazing! Dig out a movie or three and have a binge!
    Heal well....

  4. I was thinking you were going in on Tuesday...Glad to hear it was a go. Well, shopping doesn't require close eye work, or maybe grab some girlfriends and go to a movie!
    You might want to try out Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries on Netflix (on demand) you will get a kick out of the costumes and the series is awfully fun.

  5. Glad to know your surgery went well.

    I'd definitely be knitting or sewing or crocheting or spinning or whatever I could get my hands on for those 30-minute 4 times a day breaks! ha I'd be right there going crazy with you. However you spend your recovery ... enjoy it as much as possible.


  6. Thanks all for the good thoughts. I did laundry and then did some clearing of piles on the floor in the studio, only watched a couple dvr'd shows later in the afternoon.

    Someone else just told me about Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries so I'm going to put it in my Netflix queue.

    Have given thought to going to the movies - Bridge of Spies looks to be a good one.

    Not sure about reading a book on the computer - I can see the screen from over an arm's length away on the desktop but I'm still limiting time in front of the computer screen.

    Going to JoAnn Fabrics today to pick up interfacing, quilt batting and a few other supplies needed for upcoming projects......getting ready for sewing projects next week.

  7. Miss Fisher is a great choice for a textile lover. Her clothes are amazing.

    I asked a question on your dishtowels woven this month. I now realized I was looking at the Strickler book and I needed to pull my Davison. I have narrowed it down to the Herringbone Mixture under Twill Combinations for III. The photo does not show the zig zag on the left side of the diamond. Did you enhance the pattern? I am such a newbie, I cannot visualize things well from the draft patterns. I have been lukewarm on dishtowels, until now. You have inspired me.


    1. Barbara, the draft in the Davison book is on page 46, Herringbone Mix. #III. The book shows the repeat but then to balance and be the same on the other edge of the towel you'll have to end with one more of the first section of 23 ends.

  8. Thank you so much for the specifics. Good luck on sitting still. Something tells me you are going to have lots of ideas for projects when you are back in the saddle. I look forward to being inspired.

    My best to you,


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