Thursday, September 3, 2015

Missing in action......

Yes, I've been missing in action lately. It's taken a while to get over the 'county fair crud' respiratory infection most of us demonstrating spinning at the fair got. But Monday I could feel I was on the road to recovery - by Tuesday I was feeling almost normal. I can't remember the last time I got sick, as in what year it was. I'm paranoid about getting the flu after getting it around 15 years ago - I cannot get the flu shot as I'm allergic to eggs so I'm constantly washing my hands, using sanitizer wipes provided at stores for the carts, etc.  Who would have thought demo'ing at the county fair we'd all get zonked.  I lost the week at home demo'ing at the fair and then I lost a bit more than a week after the fair - I'm now trying to play catch up.
This week I'm trying to fit in warping 2 looms, it's hard as I've got many appointments outside the house. Yesterday morning I did get a painted tencel warp on the AVL. This warp is for 2 scarves, each one starts with a golden brown, goes to rust, a dark red and then very dark chocolate brown. It will be a gamble on what colors I choose to use for weft as I'll only be able to see what that weft looks like at the beginning of the scarf on the golden brown, not how it will look with the other colors.

Today I'm going to try and get started on winding a warp for the Macomber.  I have a deadline. Starting Friday we're into a bit over a week of painting - argh. Then I have cataract surgery (hurray) and with the lens I've picked that will give me a range of vision plus correct an astigmatism I have reading limits for a couple weeks so while I can weave, I won't be able to do close up work like threading the heddles and reed. I'll be limited in all close up work and reading.......although I can be on the computer as that's an arm's length away. So, the push is on to get warps on the looms. I could quickly get another painted warp on the Macomber today before I have to go out.......but I wanted to put on a long towel warp but that's taking a chance in getting it done. I need to make a decision shortly, like in the next 30 minutes. It really put a snafu in my schedule getting sick at the fair.......

On another note - we are still in fire season but it's starting to feel like fall - when I looked at the thermometer a bit ago it was only 42 out, the air is crisp, no smoke as it's all pushed to the west at the moment. The heat will return but fall weather is on the way.....rain can't come soon enough...........


  1. Happy to hear that you are feeling better now. Best wishes for your eye surgery, it sounds scary but oh so worth the results. Looking forward to seeing your newest scarves when they come off the loom.

  2. Oooh, that painted warp sounds really pretty. Hope your eyes are healed and you're back on top of your game!


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