Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Into the wash

We're back from escaping the 108 degree heat - we spent 5 days on the coast, 60-80 miles as the crow flies over the mountain from us and it was only 63 over there - it was great. We returned to the heat yesterday afternoon......although it's down around 100 now (can't believe 100 feels like a relief) and may be down to the upper 80's by the weekend - whoo hoo.

While on the coast I finished up the cottolin towel warp. I just finished quickly sewing the ends and threw them in the washer.....hemming is next up. I wove 8 of them in solid colors, 4 multi-colored - all autumn colors. Can't wait to see them finished out of the washer and dryer. I've got another cottolin warp planned for over there.....will see if I can fit in some time to wind a warp next time over....but there's also a lot of trim painting to do.......

Hoping later this week I can start on some ice dyeing - I have many silk scarves I'd like to ice dye. I've also got many silk shawls to dye as I sold out a while back - not sure if I'll ice dye a few or not, most probably will just dye them in color gradations.

Now off to browse my personal fiber stash for something new to spin, maybe some of my hand-dyed..........as opposed to browsing the many bins of fiber that I sell.....oh so tempting......

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