Monday, February 2, 2015

More blending board fun

This afternoon I spent a little more time with the blending board. I added some Ashland Bay Peacock color roving to the mix I was working on the other day and am happy with it now.  Before I made more than one board's worth of rolags I spun a quick and dirty sample.  It's really colorful but I like it. So now I've got lots of rolags to make and start spinning.......very fun activity and it's something I can sneak in here and there in-between other projects.


  1. Oh you are having some great fun with that new toy aren't you!
    They look better, glad the Peacock did the trick.

  2. So colorful! How do you spin a rolag? The same way you spin roving?

    1. I spin a rolag from the end as if you rolled up a batt from a drum carder and pulled from the end of the roll rather than spinning lengthwise strips.

  3. Absolutely YUMMY!!!!



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