Thursday, January 22, 2015

Adding beads to a fringe

After weaving for a while today on the towel warp I decided I really needed to stop so I could watch this past Sunday's episode of Downton Abbey but I can't just sit and watch tv so decided to work on twisting the fringe on a couple scarves while it was on. I added some beads to the fringes and want to share an easy way to get seed beads onto the warp threads - I use a big eye beading needle, this particular one from Beadalon and I buy them from Shipwreck Beads although I'm sure any good bead store would have them.

The very long, very thin needle is like 2 needles connected at the top and bottom so the center of it can be opened up and the warp thread slid in. I then pick up beads with the needle and slide them right up onto the warp end. I'm using size 8 seed beads. (Sorry the pix aren't real great - didn't feel like running upstairs to get the camera and used my phone, color is off and pix a bit blurry)

Then I twist the fringe like normal - love the little bit of sparkle it adds to the fringe without being overwhelming for those who might be shy about wearing too much bling...........although I can't quite relate to that......


  1. This is a great idea, thanks for sharing!

  2. This looks wonderful--I like that it's subtle but takes the fringe up a notch. Can I ask you how you finish the edge before you start twisting the fringe? It looks like you've stitched right at the bottom edge of the weaving. I'm new to weaving and there's so much I don't know . . .

    1. I hemstitched the ends of the scarf - for this particular scarf in bundles of 4 warp ends, I then twisted two 4 end bundles. The hemstitching holds that edge during washing which I do before twisting the fringe. Occasionally the number of warp ends doesn't divide up equally so I end up interspersing ends here and there to make it work.


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