Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Quiet snow......

Just when I think the snow is ending, snow falling in clumps off the trees, it gets dark again and starts snowing like crazy again. Today is spinning get together day and I'm here at home, not sure how many others made it there since so many of us live in out lying rural areas of higher elevation than town. An hour ago when the snow had stopped and the driveway looked passable I thought I might get to the post office that's close by and to spinning - I turned back around and out the window I see a blizzard again - oh well......maybe later this afternoon I'll get to the post office, maybe not.......the picture above was taken when I thought it might be safe to venture out - looking quite a bit different out there now.
What is is about hot cocoa with handmade marshmallows that makes one feel better......not to mention the cheap butter cookies that my Dad used to buy from Dart Drug back in the DC area......I have found them here at BiMart which is a store very similar to Dart Drug. That is not to be confused with a Dodge Dart, a '67 was my first car, a goofy looking car made even goofier since it had air shocks and mag wheels.....actually downright embarrassing but my father picked it out to be a sturdy car for traveling back and forth to college. That car served me well for a number of years......


  1. Wouldn't it be nice to have that '67 Dart now! I like those cookies too, found them at Walgreens several times in the past. Enjoy your snowy day and of course your cocoa and cookies.

  2. one of my old boyfriends had a dodge dart lol big old four door monster.love those butter cookies too. happy holidays!

  3. LOL, we had a dart in the family too! At least it wasn't a swinger....or a pacer. ;)
    Lots of snow here, I'm making a slide to town tomorrow. It looks to the most passable day of the next 5 or so.
    Oh, that hot chocolate and marshmallow goodness looks perfect for this weather for sure.
    Stay warm!

  4. I used to love those cookies! Haven't had any in years. Mmmm....homemade marshmallows sound good. That's on my someday-to-do list. Have a wonderful day!


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