Wednesday, September 5, 2012

the rocker.....and my obsession for little tables....

I had a couple comments on the nice rocker in the post from yesterday - Sam's uncle made that rocker, he worked at Lane Furniture for years making hope chests. Sam's mother gave it to us not long after we were married. It's a beautiful piece of furniture.......unfortunately not so comfortable, even with the added cushions. It's ok for a little while but then the butt falls asleep, pads or not. But we love it anyhow and we need that extra chair in the small living room. 

On my little tables - they all have to be bargains. The one pictured next to the rocker was $20. The one I painted that has carved ends was only $10. I have seen them for much more but I won't pay it. Pretty much everything in the beach cottage had to be a hand-me-down or a bargain......the hunt for furniture has been very fun, painting it too. My best bargain was a $5 small round table with already painted tan legs, it had a piece of cheap couch/upholstery fabric on the top - I pulled that fabric up a bit in the shop and found it was marble underneath....thank goodness they only hot glued the fabric on the underside.....but why even do it to begin with.

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  1. That chair is pretty and special. Too bad it's not comfy to sit in. What a bargain on your tables! That's the kind of prices I keep hoping for in my search for little tables. No luck so far but I'll keep shopping! I hope I start finding some soon. I really need some. Plus, after so much looking, it'd be nice to finally find something!


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