Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Best day of the month......

Today is one of the best days of the month, there are two of them, therapy days with the best therapists in the world.......it's spinning!  I belong to the greatest spinning group around, we've been going for over 15 years, it's not a public group, just a group of friends.......a rather large group of friends. We are all always asked if others can join us but it's pretty much no for an answer, not because we don't want them but because we're so big and we have no space for another body, let alone a wheel. The joke is someone has to die before someone else can come in, so far no deaths but occasionally someone moves away, then someone else can be invited to join us. Several years ago another group formed around 8 miles away in the next town to accommodate those always asking to join our group....I understand they're now having space issues too, and then there's another group probably another 8 miles from that one. I definitely think our town could support a second spinning group so hopefully someone out there will start one up to accommodate all the folks we have to turn away. We have occasionally had a spinning in the park day where we invite everyone who wants to come but we didn't do that this last summer....must have slipped our minds.

It took all day yesterday to get roving inventoried and my etsy shops open again.....still have piles of things that need to be put away from the weekend, bookkeeping to do but today is therapy........


  1. It always sounds like such a fun time too! Glad you had some real fun after the busy weekend and the even busier Monday getting stuff back to rights. Congrats on the great weekend too. The booth looked fabulous BTW.
    I am sorry I missed it, but getting out for a nice ride and some quality time with the critters was as usual, a time sink but in a good way!

  2. I would love to form a new spinning group. I live 7 miles from Applegate. We could use the Applegate Library community room as a possible location, or meet at homes. Currently I travel to Gold Hill to spin with ladies from that area. I have lived in this area 16 years and the Grants Pass group has not been open to new spinners during that time. Anyone who is interested can email me at magswindle@yahoo.com.


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