Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Administrivia - argh!

Today was yet another day filled with's starting to get old, too much administrivia, too little time to create. I started out my day by printing out labels for a delivery of Ashland Bay roving, I then weighed out 8oz bags of many colorways - 45 pounds in all, then put it all in inventory. This took a major portion of my day. Here are some of the new Merino/Tussah silk colorways - I especially like the bottom two. Now these, a few other new colors of merino and colors I had run out of need to be listed in my etsy shop.
Last night while watching tv I reskeined some laceweight merino/silk yarn I had dyed, today I got the labels on them. There are two of each skein. I like the dye results - a kettle dye look.
This is a cute little shelf I found at a new little antique shop in town - it's going to be perfect for the beach cottage. I also found a little wooden box with a drawer with a carved flower - it's painted red, I'll repaint it seaglass teal......and a few pieces of inexpensive crystal including a beautiful little lavendar dish, all perfect for showing off seashells. I found this new shop after I left my spinning group heading  to the grocery store....needless to say I never made it to the grocery store!
And then there's Bailey - he kept standing in front of the camera wanting his picture taken - happy pooch.
As much as I'd rather be doing something else tomorrow I need to take pictures of handwoven scarves - they won't sell if I don't list them. More administrivia..........


  1. Oh, you;ll have to share the address of this shop find with me! I LOVE the shelf, wanna sell it????;)
    And I love seeing Bailey! He does look happy. Good shot. The fibers all look spectacular. Love some of those colors. Sorry about so much admin stuff. I am in the throes of cleaning stuff. I'll trade ya.

  2. Bailey has a handsome and cheerful demeanor, such a good looking guy! Your new little shelve is a cutie, I agree with Theresa - I want one to!

  3. Love that title word! It sums up my attitude entirely. I hate paperwork.

  4. My kids in Bend just got a Golden Retriever. My dogs are maniacs - I'm jealous of your dog !


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