Friday, February 11, 2011

It's Friday already???

How did it get to be Friday already?! I didn't get nearly as much done as I would have liked. On the weaving front I've been weaving solid colored chenille scarves, 3 warps so far, numerous scarves, so they're kind of boring to show on the blog. I'll show them once I get them silkscreened with discharge paste and finished, definitely will be silkscreening ginkgo leaves,  some other kinds of leaves, maybe dragonflies, not sure yet.
I work on knitting socks here and there in the evening or while at meetings, first sock done, second is now started using my friend Margie's blend of merino/angora/nylon from her own german angora bunnies. Margie also dyed this yarn.
A box from Amazon arrived this week, my usual Christmas book shopping for myself only I was late getting to it. I've got another order ready to go as I've seen a few more books I absolutely need. I can't give reviews on all these books because I haven't had the time to open them up. But take a look at what's new out there. I'm not a huge rag rug weaver but occasionally do like to weave a rug so I had to get this new book.
I saw a review on this book and knew I needed to add it to the sewing room since I'm determined to get back to sewing more this year. Theresa got hers before me and says it's definitely a keeper.
I loved the first Knit Kimono book and saw some pix from this one so knew it was something I would use. I have actually looked through Ocean Breezes, my friend Margie (angora friend again) has it, some very fun scarves in it.
Even though I haven't figured out what I'd do with art yarn I think it will be very fun to spin so I'm branching out. It will probably be hard to let go of wanting my handspun yarn to be perfect but it's time to step out of the box and spin something spontaneous and fun.....will figure out what to do with it later!
Love and buy all weaving books so this was a must.
And this is for light reading, very light. I've read all the others in this mystery series set around a gal that owns a needlework shop. Very light, fun camping or beach reading. I also love the tea shop mysteries by Laura Childs, new one coming out soon.


  1. TGIF...Whoo-Hoo! I saw a program on PBS about rag rugs and I'd love to give it a try...the book looks awesome! I love Amazon...have a great weekend...

  2. Oh, the Ocean breezes book does have some wonderful scarves! I love my Tina Ingell book too and will be looking at it closely for the white on white projects.
    My mother loves cozy mysteries, I'll have to write down the authors for her and buy one or two for her when we go book shopping!
    The weeks are just flying by aren't they?!

  3. The rag rug book looks delicious! and I love those socks...bright!!!

  4. I like your choice of books especially Monica Ferris mystery. I've read all hers and Laura Childs and enjoy both. I enjoy light novels.


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