Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sisters, sisters..........

No, I have no sisters but if you've ever watched the movie White Christmas you know the song. This movie is a must for me every year. I grew up loving musicals, used to watch them on the old black & white tv in the basement while sewing or crafting. The holidays just aren't the same without White Christmas. Sam got tired of watching me search for it to come on tv every year so a few years back I found it in my Christmas stocking - I can watch it whenever I want and multiple times if I'd like.....although Sam would prefer not to see it again after sitting through it once with me. So, today seemed like the perfect day to get it out to watch it while weaving. And a cup of perfect hot chocolate complete with a gourmet marshmallow was the icing on the cake, or as my friend Yvonne said, it's food porn. I recently discovered these from Marshmallow Heaven, they're made nearby in Rogue River. Today's marshmallow of choice was called Cinnamon Joe - yum! In searching for their website I found that they have many more flavors I didn't find in the local candy shop, Sandi's Candies - I think I need to try them all.........over a long period of time........

I'm trying to finish up some gifts - this is a very simple towel pattern from Handwoven magazine, one of my favorites. I started out with very elegant tan on tan towels since I need neutral colors but just couldn't stand it so out came a variegated pink - love it! I've pulled out a variegated blue jean color to use next. Nothing like working right down to the wire on gifts, not a usual trait of mine and it stresses me........


  1. Well, even if the holiday decor is lacking you are certainly keeping the flavors of Christmas alive! Food porn indeed! I will need directions to this candy shop next visit.
    The towels look great. I love that pattern too. Friendship towels I think is what they titled them in their collection at least, and the pink is FAB!
    My can't get enough of movie is any and all of the versions of A Christmas Carol, although the musical with Albert Finney is a favorite, the best is with George C. Scott as Scrooge. They've been playing White Christmas quite often this season. Makes me want to get back to Vermont even more....:)

  2. Oh Marshmallow Heaven's website it shows that Market of Choice in Ashland carries them!!! I need to stop by the candy shop here and ask if she's getting more of the flavors in. Also saw that both Ray's here are carrying them but I rarely go in them.

  3. White Christmas is my favorite holiday movie too. You reminded me that I haven't watched it yet this year! Hmmm, now I have the Sisters song playing in my head.
    It is hot chocolate hemp milk and Dandies vegan marshmallows for me. Either way it is cozy! Have a wonderful holiday.


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