Friday, November 19, 2010

I should be weaving..........

    Ok, so I wound a chenille warp this afternoon with plans on getting at least the first scarf of three woven, if not the second. Oh, how plans can change.
    Since it's chilly out I decided to get a fire going before starting to weave. Got the fire going, put some big logs on and all of a sudden a big metal deflector of some sort fell from inside the top of the stove onto the fire - yikes! So then the flames are shooting up where the deflector should have been and I was concerned (panicked, heart palpitating!) about it all getting too hot and starting a fire inside the chimney. Me, being deathly afraid of fire, calls Sam at work wondering how to get this fire out - closing down the fireplace insert wasn't doing any good. Phone call ended - called 911 for help. Luckily they didn't come streaming with sirens blaring since I told them there wasn't a fire......yet. Just one little whoo-hoo of the siren when they got to the gate down the drive and had to call back to dispatch to get the gate code........hmm, they have that on file, plus I had just given it to the dispatcher. So the solution these two nice fireman decided on was to drench the fire by pouring water on it and quickly close the glass door to keep the smoke to a minimum (sure, right). They were still concerned about the big logs so one fireman put his fireproof (but not heatproof as he found out) gloves on and started carrying the big logs out the front door........with sparks flying on my carpet and couch -yikes again! Then he carried out the big piece of metal that fell.....all sits out on the front drive smoldering now. Was a bit concerned (panicked, heart palpitating again) about those sparks flying - all I could think was that the nice fireman was going to start a fire! So, other than the smoke smell in here I think (hope, hope) all is well, will feel better after a number of hours go by. I certainly couldn't go downstairs to weave and not keep watch in the living room. What an now I sit and watch Oprah's favorite things gift show and worry about fire....yeah, yeah, I could be doing something productive but this makes me smile!


  1. Yikes! I've had a chimney fire and they aren't fun.
    Your afternoon sounds like a bit right out of a Child's Christmas in Wales. Did you smack at the smoke with a slipper perhaps?
    What do you think the part was? The thingy to close the flue down when it's not in use?
    Hope you're having a much deserved drink at least. Hot Toddy anyone?

  2. Oh wow -- what a scary experience. I'm glad everything turned out OK.


  3. Child's Christmas in Wales? Theresa, is this a book I should know about? Do I need to read it? Not sure what the piece was but my guess is that it's a shield that directs the flame toward the catalytic converter but it might be the part to close down the flue which would explain why nothing happened when I moved the lever to shut the stove down. Hope it's a simple fix.

    Thanks Boom for checking in!

  4. Child's Christmas in Wales - great to listen to as well! Fire sure can be nerve-wracking!


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