Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What I'm current spinning.........

Here's what I'm currently spinning - it's a blend of 80% merino/20% silk hand-dyed by Shelley of Butternut Woolens. The colorway is absolutely beautiful and it's a dream to spin. Shelley always had a booth here in Oregon at fiber events but moved to Montana this past year.


  1. Your roving looks very similar to one that I just bought....so lovely to look at! What will you do with the yarn? Knit or weave? I'm always trying to figure out things to do with the pounds of handspun I have!

  2. I'm not sure what lies in the future for this roving - it will probably sit on the shelf a bit until I decide. I've knit socks, scarves & shawls so far with my handspun, oh, and one vest. I have woven some shawls too. I would love to use more for weaving but love other fibers (tencel, bamboo, silk, rayon) so much I never end up going that direction.


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