Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jumped the gun...........

Ok, so I jumped the gun on having an attitude over not enough fiber time in my life - this afternoon I did get a couple hours at the loom working on the summer shawl warp that's been on it for what seems like forever. Feet dancing on the treadles, shuttle flying to and fro. Good karma came my way this afternoon..............what goes around comes around. Of course, a couple hours isn't much compared to my usual full days but I thoroughly enjoyed every moment.

Funny I should use that expression - jumping the gun. I've never been a runner so I certainly can't relate to running races......have never had a desire to be a runner, well, maybe for 5 minutes but it ended abruptly when I couldn't catch my breath. Have you ever noticed when you see runners that they always have grimaces on their faces........but when you see walkers they're always smiling?

Oh, I definitely need to get back to the loom....


  1. 'jumping the gun' is also an old English naval expression. I've heard my Dad use it from his time in the Royal Navy. Must be something to do with those big cannons on sailing ships of yester-year
    I'll ask him next phone chat and get back to you....


  2. Thanks, I'd love to know the origin - I'm sure runners taking off in races before the gun goes off is a new use of the term.

  3. My husband would tell you I have had too much fiber time lately, the houseword needs my attention now. Yuck! Please stop over to my blog to pick up a surprise for your blog!

  4. Seems like the nicer the weather, the less time I spend at the loom. The sun and grass just keep calling me. From a smiling walker!


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