Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Braided Roving for Sale

Yesterday with the aid of the Hamilton Beach sweater dryers all the superwash merino roving was dried and then braided, coiled, weighed and tagged (each braid weighs approx 8 ounces). There were some beautiful colorways - I say were because today I was relieved of 7 pounds of it at my spinning group and I got to see 2 of them being spun - loved it! Of course a few of my favorites sold right away but I'll dye more. What's left will be moving into my etsy shop over the next couple of weeks........unless I get possessed and set aside a few of them for myself! So, if you're local and any of these colors interest you just give me a call or email so I can set them aside. And if you eventually see them in the etsy shop let me know before you buy, there's no need to pay shipping if you can pick it up.