Saturday, January 17, 2009

Today's scarf

I finished the chenille/corn fiber scarf today, finally got to the loom room this afternoon to finish warping the loom and start weaving, weaving is finished, need to wash the scarf tomorrow. It's a lavendar rayon chenille with two colors of 100% corn fiber ribbon/tape used as a supplementary warp. I just played with where I wanted the corn fiber to show, very fun. I'm not used to putting on a warp for only one scarf at a time, for the most part I do production weaving.......but only bought a small amount of corn fiber for sampling. Tomorrow I'll get it washed and will see the results of how the corn fiber turns out - it can't take high heat but that's not an issue for this project.

All the weaving I'm doing for this March guild program will eventually be for sale.........well, almost all, am thinking I might keep the brown soy silk scarf (January 1st posting) but who knows.............