Monday, January 15, 2018

More boundweave.........

Ok, so I can see how I got caught up in boundweave many years ago and wove so many samples - it's downright fun. Today I put a quick warp on the table loom for another couple samples. I used a cotton seine twine rug warp which is plied tightly and is very strong - a great choice for a rug. Both samples were woven at 5 epi using 2 threads as one for extra strength.

The first sample I used Lamb's Pride Bulky Wool yarn for the weft. I chose that because it's the thickest wool I have in my studio leftover from some knitted felted projects and rug hooking. Although I don't know how it would wear as a rug (without testing it) it would make a great weight rug. I really enjoyed weaving this sample.

Next up another rug sample - I used fabric strips cut 3/4" wide. This would also make a great weight rug and I know rags would hold up well. From weaving this I can see having a fabric that is dyed all the way through would be the best choice - no worries about making sure the right side of the fabric showed. My white worked well, the gray worked well too as it was a batik and the same on both sides. The black fabric was a bit of a pain because it was a light grey on the back side and I had to try to keep the black side out, you can see in some places I wasn't successful.

I'm not a rug weaver but have woven them when I've needed a rug for myself. If I find myself needing another rug in the future I will definitely consider boundweave.


  1. Thanks for the boundweave posts! It's very interesting to see what warp and weft you are using, and the pics add so much.

    Any spinning progress on the 12 Days fiber?

    1. Yes, the 12 Days fiber is all spun but I haven't washed it yet. A picture will be up soon, maybe even before washing.

  2. I LOVE that first sample, with the blues and pink! The black and white doesn't move me. I MUST do some boundweave here! Where does the time go?!?!


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